ABS RFID Keyfobs

  • KAB03 RFID keyfob

    KAB03 RFID keyfob

    KAB03 RFID Keyfob is a type of classic security fobs, which is composed of RFID transponder and durable ABS housing case by ultrasonic welding. Waterproof, corrosion-resistant and easy to take. The RFID key fob can be operated on LF 125 kHz, HF 13.56MHz or UHF 860~960MHz. Widely used for access control, identification, membership management, etc.

  • KAB23 RFID keyfob

    KAB23 RFID keyfob

    KAB23 access key fob is constructed of durable ABS plastic housing, which is designed for door access control and secure personal identification.
    Front of contactless keyfob can be printed full color with an epoxy sticker.

  • RFID Keyfob

    RFID Keyfob

    KAB31 RFID universal key fob is very popular in the market. It is constructed with two different colors, white or grey bally, perfect effect silk-screen logo printing. The housing is composed of durable ABS by ultrasonic welding. The ID number can be engraved on both sides of the RFID keychain. CMYK full color can be stick on the front of the passive key fob with covered epoxy.

  • KAB29 RFID keyfob

    KAB29 RFID keyfob

    KAB29 RFID keychain can be operated on 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz, and UHF frequency. The plastic housing can be ABS or PC encasement for option.
    The RFID key tag is composed of two different colors. Multiple color shells for options, it is can be a solid color or semi-transparent color.

  • KAB09 RFID keyfob

    KAB09 RFID keyfob

    Cute and strong KAB09 RFID keyfob is constructed in two different colors. White or grey belly can be logo printed with perfect effect. The laser ID number on the backside with no fade.

  • KAB26 RFID keyfob

    KAB26 RFID keyfob

    KAB26 contactless NFC keychain is composed of a durable ABS plastic shell with two colors of housing.  Application for door access control, security time and attendance. Custom logo printing is available.

  • KAB41(PC) RFID keyfob

    KAB41(PC) RFID keyfob

    Sailing boat-shaped KAB41 RFID key fob is composed of durable ABS or PC plastic housing encasement by ultrasonic welding. Solid or translucent colors can be custom. More durable metal eyelet for the metal keyring.

  • KAB45 RFID keyfob

    KAB45 RFID keyfob

    Big belly of KAB45 RFID keyfob can combine hybrid chip. Such as LF+HF, LF+UHF, HF+UHF. ABS durable plastic housing by ultrasonic welding can be engraved logo and ID number on both sides.

  • KAB18 RFID keyfob

    KAB18 RFID keyfob

    This KAB18 RFID keyfob’s shape is like a horn that is composed of ABS strong housing by ultrasonic welding. With durable and waterproof, this ABS keychain can provide access control with the ability to fit easily onto a key ring.

  • KAB07 RFID keyfob

    KAB07 RFID keyfob

    KAB07 RFID passive key fob combines dual-frequency inside of one ABS smart key fob.
    This hybrid proximity fob provides custom the long read distance RFID UHF keyfob and NFC keychain at the same time.

  • KAB49 RFID keyfob

    KAB49 RFID keyfob

    Slim KAB49 RFID key fob combines RFID transponder for door access control. Pear shape body with metal keyring key ring combined, durable, easy to take and waterproof. This access control key fob can be a laser ID number on the front side of the housing.

  • KAB48 RFID keyfob

    KAB48 RFID keyfob

    KAB48 RFID security fobs are constructed two colors, which can be embedded LF, HF or UHF chip as the client’s project system demand. ABS durable plastic housing by ultrasonic wielding can be laser logo and ID number on both sides of the RFID keychain.

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