CPU Smart Cards

  • CPU Smart Card

    CPU Smart Card

    The CPU card has a central processing unit (CPU), a random-access memory (RAM), a program memory (ROM), and a data storage (EEPROM). Through the operating system (COS) in the card, CPU card’s security performance is extremely high, that currently, no CPU card has been cracked. The dual interface CPU card is not only a single contact type communication, but also the have contactless card communication as well, which is more convenient for customers to operate. It aims at high security identification and idea payment device. CUP card is the only choice for bank cards and ID cards in the worldwide.

  • Infineon SLE77CLFX2400PM Java CPU Smart Card

    Infineon SLE77CLFX2400PM Java CPU Smart Card

    The SLE77CLFX2400PM chip JAVA CPU card is an ideal platform for multi-application solutions. Large capacity and scalable memory support the integration of payment capabilities with other applications, such as loyalty programs.