Wristband FAQs



1. Option color for RFID silicone wristbands? Whether we can custom PANTONE color? MOQ?

Regular Color: Red, Yellow, Black, Pink, White, Green, Blue etc.
We can customize PANTONE color of silicone band, Please offer the PANTONE color No. to us.
MOQ: 1000pcs

2. Whether can the shore of silicone wristband be adjusted?

Shore: 20 °, 30 °, 40 °, 50 °, 60 °, 70 °, 80 °, 90 °, etc., commonly used between 40 °~70 °.
At present, the shore of silicone bracelets commonly used between 40-70 degrees, and there are certain differences in each shore.
For example, the elongation rate of materials at 40 degrees can reach to 150%, and the shore of 60 degrees can only reach to 80%.
If you have requirements of shore, please provide us target value, we can adjust according to the actual requirements.

3. How many type of RFID transponders for RFID silicone wristband? Merits and demerits?

Three types
A: PPS Tag: Fit for WS01/02/03/07/08, which are normal and cost-effective design.
B: PCB Tag: Fit for WS22/24/25 etc, Which are upmarket and costly design.
C: Ceramic Tag: Fit for WSL01 UHF long range silicone wristbands, Which is the most expensive design.

4. How long is the life time of silicone wristband?

It depends on the bracelet design and end users’ operation methods, one year as usual.

5. What type of craft can be done for silicone wristband?

Silk Screen Printing, Pad Printing, CMYK transfer Printing, Sculpture, Barcode, QR Code, Logo on Mold,Laser numbering, Laser Ink Filled, Debossed, Debossed Ink Filled, Embossed, Embossed Ink Filled, etc.


6. What type of buckles can be option for silicone band?
TYPE Silicone Buckle Metal Buckle Zinc Alloy Buckle Al Alloy Frosted Buckle Stainless Steel Buckle
Photo silicone-buckle metal-buckle  zinc-alloy-buckle al-alloy-frosted-buckle stainless-steel-buckle
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7. What are the printing methods for silicone wristband? How many colors of LOGO can be acceptable?

Silk screen printing or pad printing;
As the dial space limited and the difficulty of overprinting, 1-2 colors is propositional;
However, we can print 3-5 colors, please provide vector file like AI, CDR or PDF format for final confirmation.

8. How to keep the Logo permanently on silicone wristbands?

Two solutions: Laser engraved LOGO & Embossed LOGO.

9. How to let the serial numbering more visibility on the silicone wristband?

Laser engrave and color in filled.

10. New mold can be customized

We will provide 3D drawing in CDR for final confirmation.
The new mold cost around 2000~3000USD.

11. RFID elastic fabric wristbands, Craft option?

WP16 RFID elastic fabric wristbands,  Thermal transfer printing LOGO or variable data process like numbering, barcode, QR code. etc.


12. What kind of craft can be made for TYVEK wristbands?

Silk Screen printing, CMYK transfer printing, ink jet printing numbering, QR code, barcode, custom PANTONE color. 


13. Chip Encoding and numbering issue. How to confirm MIFARE 1K chip UID MSB HEX format to be printed? What is HEX? What is DEC?

The UID HEX format could be LSB or MSB. Usually we need your engineer for final confirmation before printing UID format.
Or we will take smartphone UID reading format as standard:
For Example:
a.LSB: Take LSB HEX UID format from smartphone : 8B B8 2B 32


b. MSB: The UID MSB HEX: 32 2B B8 8B
C. Please confirm whether you need to print UID MSB HEX format: 32 2B B8 8B?

HEX: 16 Hexadecimal
DEC: 10 Decimal

14. How to confirm the printing format of NTAG 213 UID DEC?

Usually we will take smartphone UID reading format as standard:
For Example:
a. Take NTAG 213 UID convert to Decimal,
b. NTAG 213 UID HEX format: 04 53 EF AA C8 5B 80


c. Then DEC format: 1218188734389120


d. DEC 1218188734389120 will be printed:
PS: You need to confirm whether make up leading "0" or lasting "0".






15. How to confirm MIFARE 1K chip encoding technical spec.?

NDEF format: Business card, link, wifi, Bluetooth, email, telephone NO. Geo Location, launch application, plain text, SMS.  Such as: 


Please provide detailed encoding technical spec. Attached is the MIFARE chip map for your filling in.


16. Whether it is able to laser running numbering matched EPC encoding data?

Yes, We can operate the process based on the database provided by clients.