EV RFID Key and RFID Charge Card for Public Charging Networks

RFID Key and Card for Electric Vehicle Charging

The electric car charging infrastructure is growing quickly, and it's going to need to continue at a prolific rate in order to stay ahead of the seismic shift in the run-up to the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars. The number of electric cars on UK roads is expected to rise from 210,000 at the start of 2021 to around 12 million by 2030. That’s almost a 60-fold increase in less than nine years.  Whether you drive an electric car today or not, a lot of us will soon be reliant on the ever-growing charging infrastructure.

Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) England has outlined its key recommendations for the improvement of the UK’s public charging network, following a survey that invited electric vehicle (EV) drivers to share their views about their experience with public charge points.

More than 1,000 drivers participated in the survey, highlighting widespread support for the rollout of contactless credit and debit card payments, being able to use one charge card (also known as an RFID card) or app across multiple charging network operators, and higher levels of reliability.

Many of electric vehicle charging points operate as part of a network. In the main, access to these networks is through the use of a near field (RFID) card, similar to the type used to gain access to a hotel room. In practice, customers can find, access and pay for charging at the participating charge point operators via RFID charging key and mobile app.

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Post time: Nov-05-2021