RFID Tag for the Public Management of Electric Scooters & Moped

RFID for E-Scooters E-Moped

In the mid-1990s many young professionals rode scooters to work. The fad rapidly spread to the whole of Europe and the rest of the world.

As time went by, the micro scooter range evolved to include three- and four-wheel models for adults and kids. As fads go, in the following years, they became less popular. They didn’t disappear completely and made a comeback recently, when electric versions of the micro vehicle were launched. The COVID-19 pandemic has helped revive their popularity-whether push or electric -as people have become reluctant to use public transportation.

In order to reduce air pollution caused by gasoline-powered vehicles, electric cars and electric scooters have become increasingly popular. Many countries in Europe have installed battery-changing stations to encourage the use of electric scooters rather than petrol-powered models. These stations use RFID technology, which allows scooter operators to replace depleted batteries with fully charged ones. To charge with a battery, a user has to register, pay an initial fee, and then provide him or her with a full battery at one of the sites. The operator must also provide a payment card to which the company can pay each time the battery is replaced.

HUAYUAN RFID Products for E-Scooters

HUAYUAN has made many different types of RFID products, such as RFID EV Card, RFID Epoxy Tags to complete charging payment, and also RFID on Metal tags to track e-scooters.

RFID EV charging card is a standard card with chip inside, Epoxy RFID tags can be deem as a post processing products of laminated plastic key tag which is a primary format of products. A clear epoxy coated on the surface of laminated plastic Key Tag, a wonderful gloss, crystal looking is so attractive for people all over the world especially youngers. RFID on metals tags is produced with strong lamination housing, very easily integrated to your workplace, and widely applied for a variety of industrial and Item Identification logistical.

HUAYUAN is a professional factory and know how in manufacturer RFID card over 20+ years experiences. With long term cooperation with leading chip providers, e.g. NXP, Infineon, EM, TI, Avery Dennison, etc. we can offer you competitive pricing and fast delivery for world class RFID market, welcome to contact HUAYUAN sales team for further information.

Post time: May-08-2021