• RFID Hybrid Card

    RFID Hybrid Card

    RFID hybrid card is one of the smart cards, which contains two chips, contact and contactless chip, that are laminated by plastic sheets and not interconnected.

  • UHF RFID On Body Card

    UHF RFID On Body Card

    Our HAU1 RFID UHF Card harness ultra-high frequency technology for up to 3m reading distance even attached on human body. It means the UHF ID card can easily be identified in long distance without took out of the pocket or bags. Besides access control, HAU1 UHF cards can be utilized in emergency situations or medical area for people and object tracking.

  • CIPURSE Card

    CIPURSE Card

    Improving efficiency and performance has become an urgent need for transportation system worldwide. Interoperability issues become more costly and obviously. CIPURSE card is one of the best solutions to secured contactless card supporting public transportation ticket system, cashless payment, authentication and access system.

  • UHF RFID Card

    UHF RFID Card

    RFID UHF Card compliant with EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C, with main features of long range distance, up to 10m, fast reading and group reading etc. The RFID UHF card has special advantages where long distance identification required. For example, exhibition gate control UHF card, parking lots automatic access, elevators for staff in hospitals, container terminal access control at port terminals, and the UHF cards can be hung on the Circulation cases and pallets. Plastic RFID UHF Card is much more durable than flexible RFID tags which could be reusable for long time.

  • EV RFID Card

    EV RFID Card

    HUAYUAN as a professional card producer, offers PVC RFID cards for e-mobility in the worldwide, especially in Europe.

  • MIFARE DESFire Card

    MIFARE DESFire Card

    MIFARE DESFire Card is MIFARE series upgraded high-security product. It can be called a Quasi-CPU card. The MIFARE DESFire card is a perfect contactless card with muti-application. It is a high speed, high secure data encryption and transmission, flexible memory format and interoperability smart cards. MIFARE DESFire RFID contactless card is great solution for e-purse, identification, and security access purpose.


  • Epoxy RFID Key Fob for EV Charging

    Epoxy RFID Key Fob for EV Charging

    With the development of technology, all functions can be realized through RFID key Tag. RFID in EV charging becomes more and more important.

  • MIFARE Plus Card

    MIFARE Plus Card

    MIFARE Plus is a security to end-user chip provide AES keys for all sectors, and configurable access condition by anti-tear function. MIFARE Plus card can be easy to upgrade from prior MIFARE system infrastructure.

  • Biodegradable PVC RFID Card

    Biodegradable PVC RFID Card

    More and more companies want to use RFID cards made of biodegradable PVC to make their products ecologically sustainable and in line with European standards. With many companies adopting environmentally friendly solutions, HUAYUAN has created RFID smart cards in biodegradable PVC.

  • RFID Ticket Card

    RFID Ticket Card

    Packing RFID chip in the RFID ticket for identification, access control, cashless payment, and anti-counterfeiting. Traditional barcode paper ticket has a lot of disadvantages, like slow read speed, and easily damaged which causes read failure. The paper RFID Ticket card not only speeds up the visitors’ moving, but also effectively prevents the loss of fake tickets.
    Visitors can wear RFID wristbands and NFC RFID paper tickets which are convenient to carry. Especially in some festival events, no wallet needed, and various access and cashless payment functions can be implemented to reduce the risk.
    RFID ticket cards are widely used in major musical festivals events and sports matches in Europe and US.

  • Eco Recycle Wood RFID Cards

    Eco Recycle Wood RFID Cards

    Traditional RFID card made of PVC, ABS, PET, or other materials. Some high-end customers have a persistent concept of environmental protection. They hope to have environmentally friendly RFID cards that are exquisite and distinctive, at reasonable prices, and smart ECO wood RFID card can fully meet the needs of such customers.

  • Wood RFID Hotel Key Card

    Wood RFID Hotel Key Card

    Wood RFID hotel key cards are not only the most environmentally friendly choice for sustainable development, but they also have a unique aesthetic that will definitely impress your hotel guests. Wooden cards are durable and reusable, and they are all accompanied by our 100% performance guarantee.

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