RFID Blocking Cards

  • RFID Blocking Card

    RFID Blocking Card

    With the development of NFC technology, criminals can illegally steal the bank card information instantly by using an NFC device. The method of protect bank cards is very simple, just put a RFID blocking card in your wallet, and at the same time bank cards can be used as usual. Moreover, the RFID blocker card will not affect other signals except NFC, such as phone, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. Due to the different internal structures, thickness of RFID blocking card is from 0.55mm to 1.2mm.


  • RFID Blocking Card with Chip

    RFID Blocking Card with Chip

    The RFID blocking chip card, which adopts the latest domestic development of chip to produce the chip RFID blocking card. It can be protected all the RFID card with high frequency 13.56MHz. Due to the different blocking principle, the RFID blocking card with chip and bank card are not close to overlap or even separated by a certain distance can still shield the signal and prevent the card from swiping. At present, the latest Chip RFID shielding card is the thinnest and can be made 0.9mm thickness, which can be printed perfectly by card printer.