RFID Chip Cards

  • RFID Hybrid Card

    RFID Hybrid Card

    RFID hybrid card is one of the smart cards, which contains two chips, contact and contactless chip, that are laminated by plastic sheets and not interconnected.

  • CIPURSE Card

    CIPURSE Card

    Improving efficiency and performance has become an urgent need for transportation system worldwide. Interoperability issues become more costly and obviously. CIPURSE card is one of the best solutions to secured contactless card supporting public transportation ticket system, cashless payment, authentication and access system.

  • MIFARE DESFire Card

    MIFARE DESFire Card

    MIFARE DESFire Card is MIFARE series upgraded high-security product. It can be called a Quasi-CPU card. The MIFARE DESFire card is a perfect contactless card with muti-application. It is a high speed, high secure data encryption and transmission, flexible memory format and interoperability smart cards. MIFARE DESFire RFID contactless card is great solution for e-purse, identification, and security access purpose.


  • MIFARE Plus Card

    MIFARE Plus Card

    MIFARE Plus is a security to end-user chip provide AES keys for all sectors, and configurable access condition by anti-tear function. MIFARE Plus card can be easy to upgrade from prior MIFARE system infrastructure.

  • HITAG Card

    HITAG Card

    HITAG card or tag is a passive, HDX, works on low frequency RFID technology. It is a unique high security LF chip which had been applied in industries, auto security key, and many automation system as an authentication device.

  • MIFARE Classic Card

    MIFARE Classic Card

    Since the 90s, after MIFARE classic launched, MIFARE Classic card has been known for 20 years because of its high security, and contactless RFID for multiple independent programmable encryption space applications. The MIFARE Classic card has been used for billions of sales. It is the best example of successful RFID application. The MIFARE Classic card is widely used in RFID city citizen cards, RFID bus stored-value cards, RFID campus cards, and other various applications. According to the size of the memory space required by the application, targeted different models can be selected.

  • MIFARE Ultralight Card

    MIFARE Ultralight Card

    MIFARE Ultralight card is a low-cost, high-security solution specially designed for public transportation tickets. It is widely used as single or multiple-use RFID ticket cards for ticket systems. MIFARE Ultralight RFID card is a perfect substitute for magnetic and barcode card. The MIFARE Ultralight cards can be easily integrated into existing systems.

  • NTAG Card

    NTAG Card

    With NFC is getting popular in recent years, demand to NTAG card grows fast after NFC forum standard have been covered all HF RFID protocol. Moreover, now iPhone opened to join into NFC family after iOS 13 issued. NTAG Card is an idea option conveys muti-format of data which can activate the NFC mobile device automatically. As a short pass to link the NFC card publisher to the end user instantly.

  • FM08 Card

    FM08 Card

    FM11RF08 card is became popular in recently 10 years from 2007. Every year, FM08 RFID cards’ sell volume is over 1 billion annually. F08 RFID Contactless card is full compatible with MIFARE Classic 1K card. All technical indicators show it is as same as the NXP classic 1k.

  • TK4100 Card

    TK4100 Card

    TK4100 card, compliance with ISO11784/85, is fully compatible with EM4102 card and EM4200 RFID card. The TK4100 card is a CMOS integrated circuit for LF, 125KHz, read only RFID card. The TK4100 RFID contactless card is widely used in access control, ID card, and school card etc.

  • T5577 Card

    T5577 Card

    T5577 card is the next generation of T557/T5567 card which is widely used in access control, parking or electronic RFID wallet applications etc. Its con-figuration register structure is identical. And in most common operation modes, T5577 RFID smart card can be used instead of E5551/t5551.

  • EM Card

    EM Card

    EM Card general including EM4102 RFID card, EM4200 RFID card, EM4450 RFID card, EM4550 RFID card and EM4423 RFID card.

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