• UHF RFID Card

    UHF RFID Card

    RFID UHF Card compliant with EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C, with main features of long range distance, up to 10m, fast reading and group reading etc. The RFID UHF card has special advantages where long distance identification required. For example, exhibition gate control UHF card, parking lots automatic access, elevators for staff in hospitals, container terminal access control at port terminals, and the UHF cards can be hung on the Circulation cases and pallets. Plastic RFID UHF Card is much more durable than flexible RFID tags which could be reusable for long time.

  • UHF On Body Card

    UHF On Body Card

    Our HAU1 RFID UHF Card harness ultra-high frequency technology for up to 3m reading distance even attached on human body. It means the UHF ID card can easily be identified in long distance without took out of the pocket or bags. Besides access control, HAU1 UHF cards can be utilized in emergency situations or medical area for people and object tracking.